About Eat Smart Dietitans

Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants are Brisbane based consultant dietitians.

We have been established in Brisbane for over 20 years and service areas throughout Qld and Australia as nutrition consultants.

Our practice consists of seven Accredited Practicing Dietitians and we provide food, diet and nutrition advice for a wide range of clinical and lifestyle based nutritional problems.

All our Dietitians have a background in sport and fitness and we believe we are considered to be some of the best known and well-respected Dietitians in Queensland.

We are nutrition, food and cooking consultants to many of Queensland’s and Australia’s highest profile sportspeople and also professional sporting teams and organisations including the Brisbane Broncos, the Australian Netball Team, the Queensland Academy of Sport and the Australian Institute of Sport.

We also consult to business and structure successful corporate health programs.

We use our skills and knowledge of nutrition in sport and by personally leading healthy active lifestyles to help our clients achieve their goal of a healthier lifestyle.

We all have extensive experience in the area of obesity management with the ability to personalize a weight loss program to each individual and to be flexible enough to suit every lifestyle.

The Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants team consists of Kerry Leech, Lauren James, Kellie Hogan, Rebecca Disher, Casey James, Steffani Ford, Alexandra Friend & Danielle Savic

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  1. everyone in my family is very small, so its in my blood to be what is considered ‘underwieght’. i often feel pressure from friends and work colleagues to put on more weight and my thin-ness is constantly pointed out – but this is hard considering the media is focused on our country being over weight and i am constantly bombarded with weight loss diets, foods, exercise, etc. I am naturally energetic and love my fruits and vegetables so this obviously doesnt help me to put on weight. can you help me to put on weight and keep it on?

    1. HI Jaimee,
      Thanks for the comment. One of the Eat Smart Dietitians can definitely help you design a healthy food intake which maintains a healthy weight, keeps you healthy and also tastes great! It can be a fine balance when you have a good metabolism but want to keep healthy – it might just be that you need to eat more of the good foods.
      Have a look at our website http://www.eatsmartnutrition.com under the clinic locations page for all our details and where you can find us.
      We look forward to looking after you soon,

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