How to build a healthy lunch box!

Creating a healthy lunch box that your child will actually eat and enjoy can sometimes be quite daunting for parents, especially those that have children with limited choices due to their preferences.  To make life a bit easier here is a simple guide on how to create a healthy lunch box: 

Checklist for each child when – 

Do you have:

          At least 1 dairy product-milk, yoghurt, cheese (soft/hard), creamed rice, custard

          At least 1 piece of fruit

          At least 1-2 muscle foods

          At least 2 fuelling foods

          A water bottle. Talk them through when they should be finished their water bottle and when to refill to help create a good strategy around drinking water throughout the day. End of day ask your child- Did you refill your drink bottle today?

Healthy snacks to fill up the lunch box for those ‘active days’.   Whether your child plays sport or just doesn’t sit down for long and loves running around, having some ‘extra’ snacks in the lunch box can help keep their energy up and also provides them with some ‘extra’ top up fuel to help them focus and concentrate at school.  Some healthy ‘top up’ snack options include:

  • Rice cakes/Multigrain corn thins with avocado and cheese/ vegemite and cheese/ vegemite and avocado / cheese and jam 
  • Popcorn- lightly salted 
  • Messy monkey’s wholegrain Bites 
  • Rice wheels
  • Roasted Chickpeas/Favva beans 
  • Fruit and nut butter/cottage cheese  i.e. apple and peanut butter or cottage cheese 
  • Cheese and wholegrain crackers or Dip and wholegrain crackers
  • Trail mix (dried fruit and nut or with pretzels etc) 
  • Small packet lightly salted preztels 
  • Homemade oat based bread/cookies
  • Veggie chips/straws
  • Corn chips and salsa / dip 
  • Goodie ball (see recipe below: nut and nut-fre options) 
  • Homemade muesli bars (see recipe below) or store bought /Commercial Muesli, Cereal or Nut Bar 
  • 1 Muesli Cereal or Nut Bar (e.g. Nice & Natural Roasted Nut Bars, Carman's Almond Hazelnut & Vanilla Nut Bars, ℗Carman’s Gourmet Protein Bar, Uncle Toby’s Crunchy muesli bars) 

****Remember children need an extra 25% of energy per day to help with their energy demands of growing.  Having an ‘extra top up’ snack in their lunch boxes will only provide them with fuel for the day in which they will burn off while at school.  Healthy snack provides greater satiation or fullness and provide them with a little extra calories and nutrients they need, it also assists with in muscle building and repair

Quick and simple home made nut free goodie balls:

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