From Sports Dietitian to Sports Mum

A recount from Kerry's weekend of being a sports mum for a water polo tournament.

As you may know I have 3 kids who have all been involved in team sports at local and rep level.  Now that I am now not just the Uber driver the role I don’t get to be part of the travelling team quite as often but this weekend, Phoebe has State Waterpolo Titles at the Gold Coast so I have rejoined the Leech family High Performance Team.

Saturday 23/01/2021 – Preparations for 3 days of play and Day 1 of the Tournament

Today started like any other Saturday, long walk in the morning (I am working on being more active this year), household jobs, a 2 hr meeting for a new clinic and Phoebe is off to her part time job.  After getting home from the meeting – so excited about this new challenge, it was time to finish of the jobs and pack ready for 2 nights at the Gold Coast.

Our accommodation is a self contained apartment which I find is the best to book for these trips as you have a kitchen that you can cook meals in for your stay and if close enough and nice cool place to come back to during a long day of play.  I always like to pack the first days meal to take with me and some of the food and equipment that may not be available in the apartment.  My packlist for this trip included a cold bag, freezer blocks, tea towel, containers to pack snack in and my sharp knife.  I also packed up ingredients from home that I would need in small amounts – salt, pepper, olive oil, baking powder and some of the foods already in my pantry pasta, Gourmet Garden garlic and ginger paste, eggs, spinach, maple syrup  and my home made muesli.

Tight schedule, I leave home and call in, on my way to pick up Phoebe from work(still a great Uber driver) at the local #Bardon Shed to top up some supplies. On the menu tonight Spaghetti Carbonara so I needed bacon, cream and parmesan cheese, also grabbed 2 of Phoebe’s favourite recovery drinks Rokeby Protein Smoothie – always chocolate.  Phoebe has 2 games this afternoon and tonight so I also picked up some fruit that could be used for recovery.  Next stop was Subway to pick up a pre match meal that can be eaten in the car.  As Phoebe’s first game was a 5.30pm and she finished work at 3pm she had this and some water as soon as she got in the car.

Maps set for Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, arrival time 4.25pm and we were right on time, dropped off Phoebe to prepare for the game and I went to check in to the apartment #SKY Broadwater, walking distance to the pool and all important supermarket.  Quick unpack and then walked to the shops to buy the rest of recovery snack for between games, sushi, cheese and bacon rolls and hot cross buns, also got some staples – milk, weetbix.  Walked back to the pool – step count is going well, COVID check in and there in time to watch first game.  After the game – dropped off the recovery snacks grapes, hot cross buns and rolls, eaten by more than one player.  As the next game is not until 8pm I headed back to the apartment to prepare some of the meal – pre heated the water(should have packed my pasta pan as only small saucepan), cooked the bacon.  Wandered back to the pool in time to watch the game, another win and then walked back to prepare the meal, ready on the table as they walked in.  Meal eaten, time for bed – 1st game Sunday 8am so a short turnaround.

Pheobe's team ended up winning the grand final - obviously due to fuelling and recovery provided by super mum Kerry!

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