Top 5 tips on using this time to get ahead with your nutrition goals

We're all about positive mindsets here at Eat Smart and would love to help you find all the benefits of potentially spending more time at home, other than catching up on all your favourite shows.
  1. We have MORE TIME in the morning!  Think about it, rushing around in the morning to try and get ready, get out the door and make your way into work that 10-15mins early anyway with a possible 20-60min commute-GONE! Now we have time to fit in that walk we never had time for or make that delicious breakfast that we always kept for the weekend or we put in our ‘too hard basket’.  We have TIME lets use itJ
  2. We have better FOOD ACCESS-  not meaning our current situation in the supermarkets but in our own HOUSE.  We have our oven, sandwich press, fridge, slow cooker etc that we can make anything we want!  No excuses of grabbing some takeaway, not eating because we forgot our lunch.  We can use this time to create some delicious new recipes or options that we can practice making now , make in bulk and hopefully be able enjoy these delicious lunches when we go back to work too.
  3. No DINNER TIME rush! Think about it, why do we sometimes struggle when it comes to good dinners?  Forget to take something out? Too tired when you get home from work?  Not enough time to cook what you want to eat? All these reasons have now been removed now that we are at home.  Why not start thinking about trying out some slow cooker recipes (you’re not leaving the house so you don’t have to worry about the house burning down), prepping dinner at lunch time so you can use that time in the afternoon to do some exercise or get outside in the garden or again trying a new recipe using some ingredients that may take you a little longer to work with like legumes/lentils?
  4. Vitamin D- not only does Vitamin D help boost your immune system and help with your bone density but we get to enjoy the sunshine on these beautiful Autumn days!  Normally we could be stuck inside, with or without windows, not even knowing if it’s raining.  We have the option of sitting near a window with the wind blowing on our face, sitting outside on a deck or back yard and enjoying the sun. We can eat our snacks or meals outside or enjoy a nice coffee with the sun on our face….the opportunities are endless- don’t stay inside, enjoy it while you can!
  5. EXERCISE – what better way to help alleviate all this stress and worry about the world around us than doing some exercise.  Whether it’s light or high intensity, 10 mins or 60 mins, something is better than nothing!  Indoors, outdoors, in a pool (yes it is safe to go swimming still), keeping on moving that body!!  Exercise will not only stimulate endorphins but can also keep you on track with your eating, mental health and mood.  There is a great temptation in times like these to want to stay indoors, sit on the couch, watch Netflix all day, indulge in some treats and lose track of what your goals are.  We want to make sure that doesn’t happen! Make a plan to incorporate some exercise every day, create a routine while being at home to ensure that this happens.  We don’t want you to lose sight of your goals! 

Now you understand why we believe now is the perfect time to set and achieve some nutrition goals. If you would like a helping hand, send us an email, flick us a direct message on social media or give us a call. We can't wait to here from you.

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