New Year, More Pull, Less Push

We are now a few weeks in to January and if you are anything like me, you were sick of hearing about New Year’s resolutions, calls for a new body, new habits, new restrictions and the need to change something by Jan 2nd!  What if 2020 wasn’t about changing yourself, but progressing yourself?  Taking steps to progress to a more balanced place, where you eat what makes your body feel great, move your body in a way that makes it feel amazing and treat yourself in a more balanced way?  After all, it is the year of balance being 2020!

A recent Tony Robbins podcast explored the idea that progression to a goal is more about the pull of a more enjoyable way of being rather than pushing to achieve a short lived resolution.  This to me, sounds like a much more kind, balanced way to goal set for 2020.

So if we are to set the goal of balance in eating habits, exercise traits and mindset this year, we first need to have a look at what a balanced version of you might look like.  If you could fast forward a year in to the future, how would you like to be around food?  Would you like to think about it less?  Or conversely, would you like to put a little more thought in to it so you are planning delicious meals and snacks rather than eating on the run?  Would you like to remember the next holiday season for the conversation with your cousin, the laugh with your Dad and the catch up with your sister rather than the foods you didn’t eat, wanted to eat but didn’t allow yourself to, social occasions you avoided or the overwhelm that the huge spread of food gave you?  One individual’s freedom with food may well be another person’s worst nightmare so exploring how you might progress your relationship with food to be more positive, less restrictive and simply more enjoyable is key to a balanced approach this year. 

If you were to ask yourself what movement does my body truly love, what would it be?  Does stretching in a gentle yin yoga class sound great to you?  Does sweating it out in a HIT session put a smile on your face? Does seeing the sun rise in a morning surf get you out of bed?  Or does a coffee after a great ride up and down Mt Cootha light you up?  Or do you need to explore some other movement options to find something you actually like?  Progressing to a movement pattern of doing activities your body and mind love may sound like the opposite to what you are seeing in your social media feed but treating your body and mind to movement that is enjoyable first and foremost is what we are trying to achieve.

Taking steps to improve your relationship with food, exercise and your body is a valuable progression for this year.  Eat Smart has an Instagram account (@Project__eat) to help fill your socials feed with balanced messages to help progress you and your relationships around food, movement and your body.

Alex, Lauren & Casey specialise in building positive relationships with these areas so if you would like some help exploring your own personal balance this year, get in contact!

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