Maintaining a healthy diet over Christmas

I don’t know about you, but the Eat Smart team are so excited for the Christmas period this year. We have two beautiful new little Eat Smart babies to celebrate, and families to spend time with. But the one thing we are being asked at this time of year before we get a break is “how to I maintain my weight over Christmas?”

The Christmas period can be full of parties, end of year celebrations and many family gatherings, so we have put together our top tips to maintain weight over Christmas. And that is the key, we aren’t suggesting you try to lose weight over the festive period, but maintain the amazing changes you have made throughout the year.


Tip number 1: The festive season is 4 days.

That’s right – we know most of us celebrate for almost a whole month, but it is actually 4 days – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years. If you can choose one delicious treat food on each one of these occasions – then you aren’t doing much damage at all!


Tip number 2: BYO a healthy plate.

If you are going to a family gathering, where you know there will be plates and plates of not so nutritious food, take a “safe plate” which you know you can snack away on if there is nothing appropriate for you. This plate might have some fresh cut up veg, fruit, dips, some nice cheese and some thinly sliced Christmas ham. These plates often look beautiful with all the colour, so are actually quite a crowd pleaser!


Tip number 3: Move your body!

Now, we definitely aren’t saying you need to be pounding the pavement on Christmas morning before the kids get up, though let’s get some exercise in most days over the holidays. This could be a great opportunity to get in some family fun activity, maybe the kids got some scooters or a new bike for Christmas, this is the perfect opportunity to chase them around the park! If you are catching up with a friend over the holidays, why not do a walk and talk to your favourite coffee shop (this my friend, is the best of both worlds!). With some time off together, this may be a good time for you and your partner or a friend to start some good exercise habits for the new year!


Tip number 4: Don't go crazy on the alcohol!




Okay, at Eat Smart, our motto is “Real. Life. Results” so I am not here to tell you no alcohol over the silly season! Enjoy this time for a social drink with friends and family. Though here are some basic tips – Steer clear of those creamy cocktails, they are loaded with calories and saturated fat. Go one-for-one with a water, it is important to keep hydrated in this hot Australian summer! If spirits are more your go, try mixing with a sugar free mixer or mineral water.  Lastly, choose your occasions in the week. Aim to drink alcohol no more than 3 days in the week, and plan out when these are going to be. Having a plan, makes it easier to get through the social occasions!

If you would like to check in for a nutrition assessment and get organised for a healthy new year, contact us at one of our Gold Coast or Brisbane locations.

Happy Holidays!


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