What's New in the Supermarket?

What’s New?

5 new supermarket products

Cauliflower/broccoli ‘rice’:

  • Coles have developed a quick and easy packaged version of cauliflower and broccoli ‘rice’. Why is this so fabulous? It now makes it easier than ever to get in your vegetables as they are pre-washed and food processed into fine pieces ready to cook. This is a great way to help increase vegetable intake and it is a great low carbohydrate option to help those health conscious or watching their weight to increase their vegetable intake and reduce carbohydrate intake in the evening meal in particular. As accredited practicing dietitians, we do not advocate cutting out food groups such as ‘carbohydrates’, however educate and explain the reasoning behind our recommendations. The general population is often quite sedentary at night, meaning they don't require as much energy in the form of carbohydrates at night. Though, this of course does not apply to everyone, particularly athletes or exercising individuals. https://shop.coles.com.au/online/mobile/national/coles-microwave-broccoli-cauliflower-rice

Quark yoghurt:

  • The dairy aisle in the supermarket is probably one of the most confusing and conflicting places to end up during your weekly grocery haul. Thanks to the Swedish company Rokbey Farms- it just got some more competition. Their new Quark yoghurt is made with a special blend of cheese and yoghurt cultures, it’s the cold filtration process that increases the natural protein by three times. For a 170g tub of the plain yoghurt you can get 17g of protein with only 1% fat and over half of the recommended daily intake for calcium. The flavoured varieties stack up nicely as well with at least 14-15g protein content and 1-2% fat.
  • These are a great low calorie and high in natural protein snack option for everyday people looking to fill that gap, as well as athletes looking for a convenient and tasty snack option for in and around training sessions.
  • Check them out: http://rokebyfarms.com.au

Sorghum grain products


Helga’s new gluten free bread rolls- 5 seed mix

Australia’s new food origin labeling requirements (OK this one isn’t a new food product per say) BUT food labelling is becoming clearer!

  • For many years, Australians have been demanding changes to origin claims on food labels. Up until now, country of origin labelling has often been unclear. It was hard to know the difference between descriptions like ‘made in’ and ‘product of’.
  • The new labels will be easier for you to understand, so you can make a quick, yet informed, decision wherever you buy your food. The Australian Government is introducing new food labelling requirements, which easily tell you at a glance where your food is grown, produced, made or packed. The labels also provided a visual for the percentage of the ingredients that come from Australia!
  • The new labels give you the information you need to easily make informed decisions about the food you buy. This is important, especially for fresh produce as often some foods or products are imported and can degrade in nutrient quality throughout the long transportation process.
  • More information:http://foodlabels.industry.gov.au

Written by our Sports Deititan Zara Nance

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