Top tips to healthy eating and exercise this Winter

You have made it to the middle of winter, the first month of exercise and healthy eating went smoothly, but those dark mornings and cold winter nights have crept up on you and you are having more sleep ins than frosty workouts, and indulging a little too much in some warming comfort food. Does this sound familiar? To help you out, Eat Smart has their top 5 tips for healthy eating and keeping up exercise in those cold winter months.


1. Take care of the immune system.

Getting a cold or flu during winter can put a halt to any exercise regime you had planned or had built up over the warmer months. Feeding your body with certain foods can help boost your immune system to keep those pesky colds away. When going for immunity boosting foods, go for variety of colours! A few of our favourite immunity boosters are capsicum, broccoli, garlic, citrus fruit, broccoli, ginger and spinach.

2.     Soups!

Soup can be a delicious and comforting way to get in that immunity boosting food. Sometimes the best soups are the ones where you throw in all of the random left over veg in the fridge into a pot, cook it away with some stock and blend it all together. Serving this with some crusty bread will give you the comfort food feeling, without added calories.

3.     Avoid extra calories in the hot drinks

We all know the best winter warmer can be a hot chocolate or a steaming hot chai late, but these can often come with huge amounts of added sugar and unwanted calories. A standard hot choc can have around 4 teaspoons of sugar, and a café style chai late around 6 teaspoons. To make a warming hot chocolate at home, which will nourish your body in the cold winter months, combine 1 cup of milk of your choice, with one tablespoon of cocoa, ¼ of a teaspoon of cinnamon and ½ teaspoon of honey. Yum!

4.     Exercise

Exercise enhances our mood and gives you an energy boost we are all so often missing in the cooler months. The best way to face that winter chill first thing in the morning is in numbers! Grab a friend who is also struggling to get their daily exercise in during winter and exercise together. Make a commitment to each other to 4-5 mornings/ week and set goals. Step counter challenges is often a way to keep the motivation up! HOT TIP: Wear layers! Fabrics that keep water away from the skin will avoid you becoming wet and cold.

5.     Look for opportunities

If you really are a cold frog, make the most of every opportunity to exercise. If you work in an office block, take the stairs and avoid the lift. Park the car a few blocks away from the train station or the office. Where possible, stand instead of sitting at work.


Cold months won’t be around for much longer, before you know it, we will be giving you tips on how to stay cool during your summer exercise!


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