Top tips to gain lean mass!

Been working hard at the gym? Don't feel like you are getting any stronger? Not seeing the results you are after? Maybe you need some nutrition advice to help with gaining lean mass?


We have all heard that fitness is 30% exercise or training, and 70% nutrition. And that is 100% right. You can train as hard as you are physically able to, though won't see physical results if you do not fuel or re fuel your body appropriately. So here are out top tips for gaining lean mass!

  • Eat at least 4-6 meals/snacks per day – you need to take in more kilojoules from food and drink than you expend or burn.
  • Include some protein at each meal and snack to assist muscle maintenance and growth.
  • Before any training session, have a carbohydrate based snack.
  • After completing every training session, you need carbohydrates for recovery, plus protein to provide amino acids for growth and repair.
  • A great option for immediately after a strength/resistance session would be 20-25g of whey protein (fast absorbing). Carbohydrate to complement this could come from adding milk to the whey protein or by including a carbohydrate food as a snack or within your meal.
  • Have a big glass of milk (400ml) before bed to help build muscle overnight – this provides a slow release source of protein.
  • Make use of all your fluids – instead of drinking only water, maybe have an extra milk drink.
  • Make sure that your diet is still not too high in saturated fat, so that you don’t gain extra body fat.  But you certainly don’t need to be on a ‘no fat’ diet! Healthy fats (good oils, avocado, nuts and seeds etc) may be included to add extra kilojoules as well other important nutrients.
  • Last but not least.... unfortunately you have to ensure you are training hard!!!!


If you need any help with designing a nutrition program to suit your training goals, contact an Eat Smart Dietitian!

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