The new food pyramid reviewed

What are the take home messages from the new food pyramid developed by Nutrition Australia?
Written by Marika Day, APD 
The food pyramid provides advice on the core food groups helping us to eat a healthy balanced diet, consistent with the latest Australian Dietary Guidelines.
What has changed from the old pyramid??
- There are now 5 sections rather than three making it easier to understand what a healthy diet should look like
- The new pyramid puts vegetables and legumes at the base of the pyramid, not breads and cereals
- The base foundation layers include three plant-based food groups:  vegetables and legumes, fruit and grains and should make up ~70% of our diets
- The amount of green vegetables has increased
- More nutrient dense wholegrains are included, for example, quinoa, brown rice and oats
- There are no added sugars in the pyramid
- Fruit and vegetables have been separated
- There is no junk food on the pyramid, not even in the 'sometimes' area
- Only healthy fats are included, butter and margarine are not
- Spices and herbs are included
The key messages from the new pyramid are:
1. Make the majority of the diet from plant based whole food e.g. vegetables, fruit, legumes
2. Include meat, dairy and dairy alternatives, seafood and eggs each day  in moderation
3. Healthy fats are important each day
4. Limit / avoid added sugars and salt

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