New Year Resolutions...why not combine fitness and charity?

Many of us start each new year with some great plans relating to food and fitness. Sticking to your goals might be easier if you work towards a certain event such as charity walk. For example, the Qxfam Trail walks are held all over the country (June in Brisbane). This requires a commitment to training as well as optimal nutrition, and leads to rewards not only for yourself and your team but also the related charities. A number of Eat Smart clients have participated in this event over the years, with many needing advice on food choices for long training sessions and the walk itself. The key is to ensure a variety of savoury and sweet choices to avoid flavour fatigue, as well as foods and fluids that match the weather conditions during both training sessions and the walk itself. Here are a few food favourites that you may not have considered! Scrambled egg, rice and parmesan 'cakes'; small potatoes coated with parmesan, sea salt and olive oil wrapped in foil; slices of spanish style 'tortilla' with egg, potato, ham etc; small dinner rolls filled with your favourite 'spread' such as nut butter/syrup/hummus/avocado/cream cheese; commercial tuna and rice snack packs; chunky noodle soups; 'wedding cake' size chunks of fruit and nut cake; creamed rice or chia pudding with berries; your favourite 'goodie' balls; a squeezy yoghurt pouch. Some of these ideas can be used in other types of ultra-endurance events, it all depends on your individual needs and tolerance, as well as accessibility to food during the event or activity. Consult one of the Eat Smart team if you need assistance with your chosen 'challenge'!

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