Almonds for After School – A Great way to have a tasty snack and great for kids

Almonds for After School – A Great way to have a tasty snack and great for kids

Written by Kerry Leech


How do almonds sustain energy levels for children after school?


  • Kids after school are coming home hungry, as for most of them their long break, where they are encouraged to eat lunch is at least 4 hours earlier and many of them are too busy playing to top up with food during their short break later in the day.


  • Almonds are a concentrated source of energy containing healthy fats but also a balanced source of protein that keeps you feeling full and slow releasing carbohydrates to top up fuel levels.  They can be eaten easily on the run, in the car or as part of a snacking platter ready to eat before tackling more play, sports or homework in the after school rush.


The Nutritional benefits of Almonds around growth and development


  • Almonds are a good source of amino acids – the building blocks of protein that are used to build and repair muscle tissue important in growth.  They are also a source of calcium and phosphorus – important for strong bones and especially important for those during times of peak development when growth is most rapid.


  • For kids to grow they need to have enough energy, compact high nutrient, energy dense and balanced foods like almonds are a great way to ensure that kids have the fuel they need to be able to grow.


How almonds increase stamina and assist with performance


  • Stamina = adequate fuels and especially the right types of fuel.  The polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oils found in nuts provide the fuel needed for long, slow energy release.  At the same time the slow release of carbohydrate provides energy for muscles to use during activity. 


  • For performance we need to ensure we have the right types of fuel before playing or training and then make sure we recover well ready to go on to the next activity or for the next day.  This is especially the case for kids as they don’t have the same amount of fuel stores as adults and need to top up sources of energy on a more regular basis.  Remember they are always on the go – portable snacks like almonds are ideal, they don’t need a fridge, taste great and can be used in many different ways either sweet or savoury.

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