What do elite water polo players eat?

Water polo is a game requiring high levels of swimming fitness, as well as strength, power and speed. Elite players train often twice a day for 3-4 hours in total and have high energy requirements.

At the Queensland Academy of Sport the women's squad regularly take part in cooking sessions in the nutrition training centre to hone their food preparation skills, nutrition knowledge and to try tasty new dishes.

On the menu at our last session was a selection of brunch, lunch and snack recipes - some of which can be found on the Eat Smart blog and website. These included: Vegetable frittata, berry yoghurt granola parfaits, quick quesadillas, chicken dukkah and quinoa salad, turkey ricotta and beetroot wraps,date almond and coconut balls, crunchy cookies, cranberry and oat muffins, cauliflower hummus dip, kiwi and banana breakfast smoothie, protein smoothie and a green smoothie.

Look out for some more of these great recipes in the future!

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