Joseph's European Adventures

I was recently fortunate enough to broaden my horizons, spend some time overseas and experience a lot of European cuisine on my Christmas holidays.
As an Eat Smart Dietitian, I regularly encourage my clients who are travelling to new areas of the world to try the local delicacies with the view to not to over indulge everyday when away.

Some of my culinary highlights have been:
Germany: All the street markets selling a variety of Wurst (Sausage); Roasted Pork Knuckle and 1L HB beers with friends.
Switzerland: Cheese Fondue and of course the Specialty Chocolates.
Paris: Champagne atop the Eiffel Tower.
Scotland: Haggis rolls and Iron Bru
London: Seeing how highly regarded Australian Stone fruit is held! I hope you have been enjoying our Australian Stone fruit season, you can eat like Royalty! The Brit's are selling Australian Yellow Nectarines for 55Pounds/kg, (Approx AUD$110/kg) (See the Pictures below).

I was personally surprised to see the Sugar content of some of the soft drinks overseas.
Most soft drinks in Australia contain approximately 10g Sugar per 100ml. After an unfortunate bout of food poisoning in Paris, I went looking for lemonade, and found Sprite, it contains 17g Sugar per 100ml (70% more than our local equivalent!).
So it is especially important to watch your intake of soft drinks, and soft drink mixers in Bars.

My biggest tip for maintain weight whilst travelling is to remain active!
Exploring cities on foot and by cycle gives a great close up experience, whilst also keeping you active. You have to pack the right gear (joggers and clothes you can move around in), for it or else you are unlikely to get out for hours on end!

Happy exploring!

Seen in Harrods, London, Dec 2013

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