Surviving the Silly Season - healthy tips for Christmas!

How to get through the silly season whilst watching your weight ….

With so many opportunities to indulge over the Christmas period it is no wonder the average Australian puts on weight.  And let’s face it, over the past year you have worked hard to work on your body, keeping it fit and healthy and now comes loaded opportunities to drink, eat foods you would not normally eat and indulge with family and friends.  So what are our tips to help you through?

EXERCISE- One of the easiest ways to help keep your weight down is to counteract your energy in (Food and Drink) with your energy out (Exercise).

How to burn a quick 100 calories?  Just do-

  • 40 Jumping Jacks  +

30 Sit Ups  +

20 Squats or Sit-to-Stands  +

10 Push Up

  • Riding a bike (Casual riding) for 25 minutes
  • Swimming (moderate intensity) for 15 minutes
  • Running at 10km/hr for 9 minutes
  • Playing Frisbee for 30 minutes
  • Mowing the lawn for 20 minutes
  • Washing the car for 20 minutes
  • Playing with children 23 minutes
  • Shopping for 38 minutes
  • Walking the dog 26 minutes

DO a 30 Day Challenge in December where you aim to burn 100 calories (or more) each day! 

Watch your portion sizes!  If you want to try different or treat foods, do it, but make sure you’re not filling your plate with just these bad foods.  Remember to keep it to one plate (avoid seconds!) and still fill your plate with half a plate of salad or veggies.  If you really enjoy a particular food and want more ask if there are any leftovers so that you could possibly take a small portion home with you for the next day.

 CHEATS and TREATS…..over the Christmas period there will be A LOT of opportunity to over indulge in treat foods.  The trick is to limit yourself to 1 (ONE) cheat per day, and not every day!  So if you really want dessert, have whatever you like BUT make sure your main meals and any snacks throughout the day are healthy.

Alcohol…did you know that if you were to drink 10 standard glasses of wine (150ml) you would be consuming over 3350kJ or 800 calories!! This is the same amount of energy as 7 ½ slices of meat lovers pizza!!  Watch your alcohol intake by switching in some non-calorific drinks such as soda water with fresh lemon or lime.  Not only will this keep your calorie count down for the day but will also help to keep you hydrated!

From all of us at Eat Smart Nutrition we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We look forward to seeing you in 2014 to help you achieve your nutrition goals.



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