How much meat should I be eating?

Whether you prefer red to white, fish to other meats, or no meat at all; all you need is your hand to determine how much is an appropriate serving size.

Here's a quick and easy guide:

Use your palm....

  • Red meat: The size of your own palm and the thickness of your palm
  • Chicken: 3/4 of your hand (fingers together) and the thickness of your palm
  • Fish & seafood: The flesh (excluding shell, heads etc) should cover the size of your whole hand (fingers together) and thickness of your palm
  • Vegetarian:  At least 1.5 cups of cooked beans/legumes, tofu/tempeh can follow the same guidelines as fish

So you now have a handy (pun intended!) tool to work out how much a serving of meat, chicken, fish or vegetarian alternatives is.  Enjoy!

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