Did you know how to cook healthy meals when you left home?

Eat Smart was reading a UK based Sports Nutritionist's blog recently which was discussing the UK Governments School Food Plan to educate kids on healthy eating.  He proposed that children should be able to cook at least 20 meals before they left school - what a great idea!  You can read more about his views here (please note some of the meal choices Eat Smart does not necessarily agree with!):


This got us to thinking.... did you know how to cook at least 20 different meals before you left school?  Eat Smart often teaches athletes to cook as part of their sport programs but non-sporting kids may not get the same opportunity.

So Eat Smart has come up with a list of 20 meals we think everyone should be able to cook by the time they move out of home, how many can you do?

Spaghetti bolognaise with added veggies - this could then be turned in to savoury mince or taco mince or chilli con carne etc

Roast Chicken/Meat & veggies

Basic stir-fry with pork, red meat, chicken, seafood or tofu

Healthy fried rice with plenty of added veggies

Tuna/salmon casserole or healthy pasta bake

Meat/chicken/seafood pattie or rissole and a lovely (non-boring!) salad to go with it

Marinated meat/chicken with couscous/quinoa/burghul salad

A healthy curry such as lamb rhogan josh

Pasta salad with salmon or tuna

Oven baked fish and healthy wedges with crunchy coleslaw

Minestrone soup (this could then easily be adapted to other soups)

A mexican meal such as burritos made healthy!

The perfect omelette filled with veggies

Healthy homemade pizzas

The art of BBQ meat and a greek salad

Clever casserole (the type you cook in bulk and freeze, or using a pressure or slow cooker)

Stroganoff with rice and greens

A fruit crumble

Healthy baked muffin or loaf e.g. carrot, banana bread, berry muffins

Pancakes/pikelets with fruit salad



What recipes do you think everyone needs to know how to cook??


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