Women's Roar on a Winner!

The end of the W-league season is near.  The Women's Roar team are coming off a premiership in their 2010-2011 season and were looking to continue their success this season.  The 2011-12 season saw a slower start to their winning form but have rallied in the second half of the season to finish second on the ladder.

The semi-finals start this weekend (Jan 20) in QLD with the Women's Roar taking on Sydney FC who they beat last weekend.  The girls are full of confidence after their 1-0 win.  Lauren has been working with the team on their hydration during games in the last few months and this is contributing to better second half performances.  Lauren recommended the use of oral rehydration solutions such as Hydralyte at half and full time to supplement their water and Gatorade intake.

Products like Hydralyte are designed for use in high intensity, high sweat loss environments such as playing a 90 minute elite level soccer game in hot and humid weather.  Oral rehydration solutions have a higher sodium content than sports drinks which assist with retaining fluids within the body and enhancing thirst to encourage greater fluid intake.  Dehydration can significantly reduce on-field performance so strategies to minimise dehydration are important.

Junior and recreational soccer players can also use sports drinks and oral rehydration solutions provided they are used:

  • in a game or intense training session which is over 60 minutes in duration
  • mix to the specifications on the package
  • always rinse your mouth out with water after a sports drink or oral rehydration solution to protect your teeth

Good luck to the Women's Roar team for this weekend and keep drinking your Hydralyte!!!


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