Red meat...should we or shouldn't we?

Have you read some of the debates lately about red meat? On the one hand some experts are strongly suggesting we cut out or drastically reduce our consumption of this type of protein to reduce heart disease, colon cancer etc. Yet on the other hand red meat is a great source of nutrients such as iron and niacin. Interestingly, as most of our cattle are grass fed in australia, it has now been suggested that the fat in these animals, as opposed to their grain fed counterparts, contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) that may be protective with regards to cancer and beneficial in other ways to our health and immunity. Our view, as always, is one of balance. Lean red meat included in a healthy diet 2-3 times per week is a great source of protein, omega 3 fats, iron, zinc and other nutrients. This should be balanced out with vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy and other real foods - with a limit on items that are more highly processed or containing additives that we should perhaps avoid.

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