Eat Smart, Move Smart, Think Smart! Exam time healthy eating and exercise habits

The jacaranda’s are in bloom and that means its exam time!  While the trees may display their beautiful blossom, for students it means time to stay indoors and hit the books!  This can also be a time when healthy eating habits take a backseat and exercise becomes an infrequent event.

Did you know that the brain exclusively uses carbohydrate to think?  If you don’t feed your body a constant supply of energy good, the brains ability to concentrate, retain information and general comprehension declines.  Not the ideal circumstance for acing exams and finishing that assignment.

Good energy foods to give you long lasting energy include:

  • Fresh, canned or dried fruit
  • Grainy crackers such as Ryvita, Vitawheat, Soy & Linseed topped with tomato/vegemite/cream cheese/cheese/peanut butter/tuna
  • Oat or nut based cereal or muesli bar
  • Tub of plain or flavoured yoghurt
  • Glass of plain or flavoured milk
  • Air popped popcorn
  • A slice of grainy or nut & nut bread

Keep a healthy eating routine by aiming to eat at least every 6 hours if not every 3-4 hours.  You are usually more productive to work in 1 hour segments of time and then have a 10 minute break.  Just make sure you don’t eat at every break!  This 10 minute break is a great time to do some exercises to get your blood pumping to your brain such as star jumps, running on the spot, running up stairs, push-ups or a few yoga poses.  Remember to grab a drink of water too!

Try to include at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, whether that be 3 x 10 minute exercise blocks or taking 30-60 mins off the books to clear your mind with a walk, run or gym session.

Eat Smart wishes you the best of luck with your exams!

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