1 month until Christmas!

Now this is not the time to give up and say you’ll think about it next year...

In one month you can:

  • lose 2-4kg
  • take up 1 new health promoting habit such as drinking 2 litres of water per day
  • improve your fitness by at least 10%
  • increase your strength by 10%
  • ensure you eat 2 pieces of fruit per day, not such a hard task in stone fruit season
  • eat more salads, also not hard when its too hot to cook anyway
  • get up early to exercise 3 mornings per week – since the sun is up before 6 you can too
  • reduce your cholesterol by a few points

In the silly season, it may be unrealistic to avoid all champagne, plum puddings and savoury nibbles, but you can aim to keep your current good habits.  For those who like to achieve, you may even be able to pick up a new, healthy habit in the next month.  Giving up is one option, but taking steps to a healthier you in 2013 can start in 2012!

Here’s to early morning runs, followed by some stone fruit, a bottle of water and a salad for lunch! What's your 1 month challenge?

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