Young, female, fit & healthy but still want to lose a few kilos?

Young females are often overlooked in weight loss research but new data out of Sydney University has sought to address the gap. Seventy-one 18-25 year old women were selected to participate in the study, which looked at the use of a higher protein or higher carbohydrate style diet for 6 months. Those using a higher protein style diet lost an average of 8.9kg while those on the higher carbohydrate diet lost 4.6kg after 6 months.

Participants in the study were supported by weekly or fortnightly consultations with a Dietitian for 6 months and monthly consultations for a further 6 months. The young women in the study were educated on a calorie-restricted diet with either a higher carbohydrate or higher protein content. It should be noted that while the higher protein group did have a lower carbohydrate intake, they were still consuming moderate amounts of carbohydrate daily with all core food groups encouraged such as wholegrain breads and cereals, low fat dairy, fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Participants were also asked to exercise for 30 minutes per day.

What’s the secret? Protein foods such as lean red & white meats, fish, low fat dairy, nuts, eggs and tofu are satiating. Quite simply, they fill you up! Young females typically reduce their protein intake when trying to lose weight and this may cause an increase in hunger, and consequently, a hand in the cookie jar for relief!

So how can you get the same result?
➢ See an Eat Smart Dietitian who can design a higher protein, calorie controlled diet that fits in with your lifestyle and individual needs
➢ Commit to regular follow-up with an Eat Smart Dietitian who can provide support while you achieve your goals in a realistic and timely fashion
➢ Exercise for 30 minutes most days
➢ Choose low GI, wholegrain breads and cereals such as wholemeal or multigrain breads, wholegrain breakfast cereals and low GI brown rice
➢ Include 2-3 low fat dairy products per day such as milk or yoghurt
➢ Give yourself a 6-12 month timeframe – start now and you can be bikini ready by Christmas!

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