Weekend Sport

Like many other parents my Weekends are largely spent being involved in children's sport. Starting on Friday night with Gymnastics, Saturday's split between Netball and Soccer and then Sunday Rugby League, ours is a busy household.
Planning food for this busy and high energy time is important as we need to ensure that everyone(including the parents) are well fuelled for the events ahead.
Friday night has become Pasta night, often with a choice of two sauces to take account of everyone's preferences. Saturday morning I am off to the markets to buy fruit and vegetables for the week and by the time I get back(after a quick coffee), the rest of the family is starting to wake up.
I try to encourage all those competing to make sure they have a good breakfast - normally cereal, toast and some fruit but sometimes there may be a bakery treat if I have brought some home. Plenty of fluids are also in order as even though it is chilly early, the Brisbane mornings soon heat up and make hydration important for good performance.
The market shop also ensures that there are some fresh sandwich fillings available for lunches as these are taken at a variety of times before we head out for the afternoon round of activities. If I can I try to get dinner into the slow cooker, so that the meal is ready for that evening. This coach and now fill in player comes home very tired from the afternoon round of activities and I am sure I would be tempted by take aways if I didn't have something already prepared.

Sundays for me are a little slower with just one sport to attend but recently doing "my bit" for the club on canteen again highlighted how much work needs to go into providing greater variety and 'healthier' choices at sporting canteens. Serving kids and adults chips, hot dogs, pies and sausage rolls at 9.00am is not my idea of a good recovery snack or pre match meal. Often families are at venue for up to 3-4 hrs so it would be nice to have some better choices. We did have hamburgers with some salad but that was as good as it got.
Time to start lobbying for at least some choice!
On the up side it is great to see so many young and old athletes out there competing and enjoying team sports - let's hope we can all keep it up for a few more years.

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