Totally Wild about Sports Nutrition

Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants are famous!  Dietitian Lauren Nugent has been filming segments for Totally Wild on Network Ten over the last few months presenting Sports Nutrition tips, hints and recipes.

Totally Wild on Network Ten
Totally Wild on Network Ten

See Segment 3 Totally Wild EXTREME – TW19/076   TX: 22/04/2011
Reporter: Lauren
Blurb: Looking for energy right before a match.  Our nutrition expert, Lauren shows you how to make an easy, energy packed Oat fruit slice

See Segment 3 Totally Wild EXTREME - TW EXTREME – TW19/080   TX: 29/04/2011
Reporter: Lauren
Blurb: Sports & Training dietician Lauren shows us how to make a Berry and Banana smoothie which helps your muscles recover after a big game

More will be filmed in air in coming months so stay tuned.....

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