Immune system suffering the effects of winter? Add some garlic to tonight's dinner!


Garlic and its Allium family of onions, leeks, shallots and chives are potent health boosters.  Garlic is rich in the phytochemicals allicin, allin and diallyl sulphide which give garlic its distinctive smell and flavour as well as its health benefits.  Garlic has been linked to lower rates of osteoarthritis, lowering cholesterol, decreased colon and stomach cancer, boosting the immune system and warding off vampires!

For those who baulk at the strong taste and distinctive smell left on the breath of consumers, or for children; try roasting whole garlic cloves and then adding to your meals, spreading on bread, adding to dips and sauces or as is!

Check out the Garlic recipes in our recipe section for more ideas on including garlic in tonight's dinner....


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