Fuelling Cadel Tour de France

As I ended my 3 weeks of sporting insomnia while following closely, and then finally witnessing, Cadel Evans historic victory, I reflected on the enormity of the nutrition needs of the Tour de France participants over the 86 hours or so they spent on the road. I have seen it quoted that the average daily energy expenditure in this race is between 16,000 and 32,000 Kilojoules/day - that's nearly 8,000 Kcals each day for those of the old school! Combine this with the fact that there are limited hours and opportunities in each race day in which to consume this, and you can see how important the role of nutrition, and of those who plan and prepare the food for the riders must be. This is the reason for their use of special sports drink formulas, sports gels, sports bars and various other items must be readily available to them in those feed station areas en route each day. Their fluid, energy, electrolyte, protein and other nutrient needs, along with their individual likes and dislikes, the weather and the terrain of the stage would all be taken into account in planning each rider's daily intake. At Eat Smart Nutrition we are often called upon to help cyclists, both elite and social, with their nutrition needs, and find it a very interesting and often challenging area of sports nutrition. So congratulations Cadel on an incredible performance, and to the team behind you for helping you along the way.

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