Coffee Culture

Coffee has become an institution – from not being able to start the day without it, to meeting for coffee, to coffee appreciation meetings to selecting and roasting your own coffee beans we are a culture obsessed by coffee.  Is this a bad thing?


Coffee has its health benefits – it contains antioxidants, has been shown to reduce risk of some cancers and heart disease when taken in moderation and caffeine can be a performance enhancer when used correctly, but when does our coffee obsession turn from friend to foe?


The research is a little grey on specifics but a safe consumption is considered 3-5 cups per day or less.  So is that full fat jumbo caramel latte’s with extra cream?  No!  If you have milk with your coffee, choose a low fat or skinny variety; limit the added sugar from syrups as well as on the teaspoon; and nix the cream.  In fact, its probably wise to limit your cup to a small or regular and keep to 2 or less milk-based coffees per day to keep your weight in check.  And the cake to go with it?  Once per week or less team!


Need an excuse to justify your coffee habit?  A small dose of caffeine CAN decrease your perceived exertion during exercise, improve concentration, skill acquisition and problem solving.  So a coffee before training for all athletes – of the office or sporting field?  Go easy, not everyone perceives the benefit and a little goes a long way!  Good enough for me – skinny flat white thanks!


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