Healthy apps - how to use your iphone or android to increase your health success!

Bupa Fitness

The Bupa fitness app allows you to test yourself in four key areas, flexibility, core stability, balance and strength to determine your areas for improvement. This app then can provide you with a four week personalised programme with specific exercises and workout sessions to help you improve on your strengths and weakness. Each workout session takes you through a warm up phase, step by step instruction of the exercise, as well as a video demonstration. Throughout the four week plan this app allows you to track your progress and workout statistics. At the end of the programme you can test yourself again to see how much your fitness has improved. This app is designed for all ages and fitness levels.


5 km Runner: Couch to 5km    

This app works on the basis of training 3 times a week, for 35 minutes, for 8 weeks with the aim of running 5km straight. This app features an audio coach which guides you through intervals of walking/ running which gradually increase’s in effort starting off easy and building up your fitness level over the eight weeks. Audio coach also guides you through step-by-step instructions on warm-up and cool-down sessions. Five km Runner also tracks each workout session and history of your progression. It is also compatible with any GPS tracking app and also allows you to play music while working out.


Diet and Food Tracker by Sparkpeople   

Sparkpeople Diet and Food Tracker have a detailed food and calorie data base with over one million different foods. This app also provides nutritional breakdown of your protein, carbohydrates and fats. The app also allows you customize daily meal plans suited towards your goals, and a fitness tracker to track your workout sessions and the calories you have eaten and burned for that day. The app also provides a weight loss progress tracker and allows you access fitness videos and healthy recipes.


Swap It Don’t Stop It

This app allows you access to hundreds of food and physical activity swaps, with the option of creating your own swaps. Features of this app allow you to track your progress of each swap and earn badges for each achievement. You can create an ingredient planner and shopping list to assist with healthier food choices. This app also provides an activity planner that allows you to find activities in your local area or choose your own.

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