Eat Smart improving the performance of Olympic Swimmers!

As our swimmers finalise their preparations for the 2012 Olympics, I cannot wait to sit back and watch come the end of this month! As a former swimmer I must admit, it is certainly easier to be providing the dietary advice and watching from the sidelines than it is to be doing all the hard work in the pool!

At this phase of preparation, Olympic swimmers are making the final changes to their diets as their training decreases during their tapering phase. Swimmers will be ensuring they are getting the right mix of nutrients to recover adequately so they can back up and perform as best as possible for every session. The right mix of nutrients also includes those that protect the immune system, as any illness is likely to negatively impact performance – and with the Olympics only coming round every 4 years this may be an athlete’s only chance at Olympic success.

Three swimmers from the Eat Smart Chandler clinic that I will be following closely will be comeback queen Libby Trickett (watch her in the 4x100m freestyle relay), Brisbane golden girl Kylie Palmer (800m freestyle, 400m freestyle, 200m freestyle and 4x200m freestyle relay) and veteran Jessicah Schipper (200m butterfly, 100m butterfly, 4x100m medley relay). We wish you all the very best!

For those who will be watching at home, and dreaming of Rio 2016, sports nutrition advice from an expert can help get you there. Why not contact one of our Accredited Sports Dietitans today and arrange an individual consultation!


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